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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Tea in the garden

Here are my newest pieces for the exhibition. Hand in is tomorrow and the exhibition starts on Saturday so, once again, I have been cutting it a bit fine. But what's new? Both paintings have actually been cropped a little in the framing which I feel improves their composition a bit. But I forgot to crop them in the same way when I scanned them. Typical Gillian! Both are done with watercolour but the mouse, entitled 'Tea for One', also uses gouache for the periwinkle.

Finally, to all my US readers, I hope you have an enjoyable Thanksgiving.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Out of the Dark

Here is my first drawing that will go into the local Christmas art exhibition. I wanted to call him Spandex the panda but someone pointed out there might be copyright issues over the name 'Spandex'. I bet the panda is very glad about that. Not sure too many pandas would like to be named after a synthetic fiber. The picture is three inches square and done in graphite.