Sunday, 20 September 2009

Beads ahoy!

I have spent the last week making loads of new beads and updating my Etsy store. Lots of fun with just a smattering of hair pulling as my broadband connection caused a few issues. When I upgraded to broadband recently I expected much faster service and quicker upload speed for Etsy. However, it was not to be. It isn't much better than my old dial up connection at times. Anyway, at least I can get the pictures updated. I believe some people in the UK can't get broadband at all. So here are a few pictures of my newest beads. Lost of Halloween themes and some very pretty colours - if I do say so myself.

Friday, 11 September 2009

Where's Wally?

As it is already turning autumnal I have dragged out the wool and needle felting tools. I have been reading a book about polar bears and came across some photos of walrus. They are just soooo cute and I decided I wanted on for myself. As the bath isn't big enough to accommodate one I thought the next best thing would be a handmade one. Smaller and the smell less. So Wally is the end result. I think he looks a little sad so I may have to make him a friend and then I can have my very own walrus colony.