Saturday, 20 May 2017

More hand painted wooden beads

I managed to get a few more wooden beads painted this week. More wildlife and more flowers. I have to say, it's a lovely change from the paper beads. It combines my love of beads with my love of animals and painting. What's not to love? Some of the flower beads are sold already but some of the wildlife beads are already listed in my new web store here.

Hand painted wooden beads with wildlife images

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Wooden wildlife beads

Something a little different from paper beads this week - hand painted wooden beads featuring some wildlife and nature. These are just prototypes but if all goes well - and my hands don't pay the price for all that tiny detail - I will try selling some. The small oval beads are just under 1.5 inches long and just over three quarters of an inch wide. They are officially the smallest canvas I have ever painted on. Tomorrow will be varnishing day. I just don't want to take a chance varnishing today if there is any doubt that anything is still wet.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Sample paper beads

I have been making some sample paper beads this week for a customer. She wanted beads with sea, sea-life and coastal themes and pointed me in the direction of some images that she liked. These are the beads I came up with. Definitely candidates for new bead designs so watch this space.

paper beads, sea life

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Journey journal

I took part in Linda Matthews' Creative Stitch Alchemy course recently. The idea was to make a mixed media mini journal using the theme of 'Journey' as a springboard for ideas. It uses fabric, lace, hand stitching, machine stitching, beads, sequins, rhinestones, whatever you fancy. I have always been inspired by India, the colours, the wildlife, the architecture. So I used it as my inspiration. I hand printed and hand dyed some of the fabrics and used leftover tatted pieces that I made some time ago. So it really is original to me. The finished journal is a bit bigger than the size suggested in the instructions but it allowed me to use pictures printed on fabric in mine. It was a really nice little course that allowed me to do something a bit different and I am really rather pleased with the finished journal.

Front cover: 

Inside pages: 

Back cover:

Friday, 7 April 2017

At long last - new old paper beads

Vintage word paper beads

Yes, I finally got them made. The Vintage Word paper beads that I used to make are now available in the new style. Being able to print them out instead of individually painting each one means the beads will all look similar and I won't have to worry about variation between sets. Hooray!

There is also another new set of Oriental themed paper beads - Oriental Flowers for the spring.

Oriental flower paper beads

Thursday, 23 March 2017

The perils of silk

Yes, working with silk has its drawbacks. On occasion it gets snagged on something and you lose 15 meters of thread in one fell swoop. This morning it was a pair of scissors that got tangled as I was releasing the lengths of thread to make a silk cord. It is definitely time for a break.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Spring flowers

I have been making samples for Gina-B Silkworks over the last few weeks. Spring is in the air and the bulbs in the garden are in bloom so I was definitely inspired by them. Ganutell (wire and thread work) seems to be very popular at the moment. Take a look at the images on search engines these days and it seem to have inspired lots of people. It is lovely to see that what was a dying art has become more mainstream.



Monday, 27 February 2017

Birds of a feather and a badger

At the start of the new year I wanted to promise myself that I would draw more this year. I did very little drawing or painting last year. None, in fact. This year (all two months of it) I have 'attempted' to do more. Not as much as I had hoped but something. It seems a shame to have a skill and not use it. So here are the first drawings of the year. I hope there will be more to come. I have a couple of small paintings on the drawing board at the moment too. The trick is finding time to get them finished.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Just a little show and tell

Not much to report on the creative side this week. There has been lots of bead making, of course. Other than that, just a couple of new samples using buttons. A notepad made using grey board as the backing which I covered in K&Co papers and a glass nightlight holder made using ribbons and a bit of bling.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Return of the faithful

The title refers to some paper beads I used to sell that were very popular. Each paper bead was hand painted and I had been having problems with the ink going on the paper. Every time I had to change brands of paper the ink behaved differently. So, in the name of reliability, I stopped selling them. For years I played with digital images in an effort to get the same effect. Sadly I never found the look I was searching for. However, by sheer fluke, I was playing around with a vintage style digital image, grabbed the colour controls in my photo processing programme and wiggled a few of them about. Within 30 seconds the perfect image appeared. I printed it out - just to make sure. Perfect indeed. Cue the re-emergence of the old beads. The first lot are the Oriental calligraphy beads - now called Vintage Chinese Calligraphy. The next lot will be the Vintage Word paper beads (I will post about them when they are finally available). I am so pleased. For years people have requested both sets of beads. Now I can offer them for sale again.

Vintage Chinese Calligraphy paper beads

Oriental Calligraphy paper beads

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Socks - again

Another pair of new socks - this time using Regia's Arne and Carlos 6 ply yarn in Star Night. It was not quite as nice to work with as the 100% merino yarn I have used before but I suspect the merino socks will need darned sooner than these socks will. This yarn does seem much tougher. They are certainly very toasty and warm to wear. Just what I need on the continuing dull and cold days.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Story without words

My craft related shopping this week. I don't suppose there is much more to be said about this picture when you take into account my last post about sock knitting 😉