Monday, 27 August 2007

Harvest Pt 3

Anyway, the point of the 'harvest' title was not so much the harvest of pretty images and craft items (although that works too) but the fact it's the middle of harvest here. I'm watching the combines tootling away in the fields as I write. Goodness knows what the grain will be like. We have had so much rain and so little sun this year it's amazing anything grew at all. Still, it has allowed me to stay inside and try out lots of stuff.

I have a new exhibition starting in Kelso soon. I always leave things to the last minute now (I used to be very organised) so I have been dashing around screwing eyelets into picture frames and cleaning glass. Wouldn't you know it - I didn't have enough screw eyes! I had to use great, big ones. Not aesthetically pleasing but they do the job. Must remember to order some more wee ones.

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