Monday, 30 June 2008

Inching forwards

The Penny Black stamped images I bought have been coming in very handy recently. I have been looking at a few cute card blogs and wanted to try using them in a similar style. The one pictured here is inspired by Andrea at Andrea's World. I love the bunny in the flower pot and those happy little bees. It reminded me of bright, summer days so I used some canary yellow card and some Die Cuts With a View card from the Pocket Full of Posies collection. The addition of the Prima flowers just sets it off nicely. Very summery.

I am also taking part in a one to one swap of inchies - both hand drawn and some interactive ones. In the first of the inchie pictures is a bouncing bunny. The teeny bunny image is attached to the inchie using a thin strip of acetate. He bounces a little when I tap the inchie base. I think I needed to make the acetate thinner to make him more bouncy though. The folded inchie was inspired by the Diagonal Double Pocket Fold card on the Split Coast Stampers site. Instead of a rectangular piece of paper I used a 2" square piece and followed the instructions accordingly. The Adventure mini folder is rather cute - it has a miniature treasure map inside. Can anyone tell that I was watching King Solomon's Mines on DVD recently? Next, the froggy origami one in the envelope. It used the same technique as my folded envelope from my previous post and drove me to distraction. The mini star book is slightly smaller than a star book should be. It does not form a star when turned round on itself, just half a star. Adding enough pages to form the star made the inchie very thick so I quit with just four pages. It is still effective but I think I will try it again with the full compliment of pages. The purple folded inchie emerged from the Triangle Trifold card (Split Coast Stampers). It is a very simple idea and is just that little bit different. Finally, a little zig-zag book. This has little pockets either side formed by turning the long edge of the inchie back up to form the front. Each of the pockets can then be used to put little images in. In my case I added some hand painted paper.

Time and again I have come across ideas for making unusual cards and with a little though most of them can be transformed into inchie art.


Seth said...

Really clever set of cards. I especially like the star card and the trifold. They are small but pack a big punch.

mcdc3s said...

Very neat! There is a lot of opportunity here...