Monday, 1 December 2008

Christmas Countdown

If, like me, you use alot of printable ephemera in your art you might be interested in Lisa Vollrath's Christmas Countdown. It starts today and you can find it here.

Tim Holtz has his own countdown of sorts. He is making the Twelve Tags of Christmas - one a day for the next twelve days. Pretty! His twelve tags from last year can also be found on his blog. The links are in his sidebar.


Lisa said...

Thanks for linking to The Original Printables Holiday Countdown!

Susan said...

Hi Gillian, did you get to D/L all the christmas printables from the countdown? i was hospitalized and have up to the 22nd, but didn't get the rest, and I emailed Lisa, andasked her if she would email them to me ( told her baout hosp.) and she said no, but I could buy the set. I am just looking for the 23rd on. If you can send them my way, i'd be grateful and willing to send you a collage sheet.
thanks, Susan