Saturday, 16 May 2009


I have been practicing with my graphite pencils recently. Although I have been using watercolours for twenty years I have often neglected pencil work, using it only as a way of transferring shapes onto blank watercolour paper. However, all of a sudden I have had the urge to draw. This guy is the result of my latest experiments. Greyhounds are often found needing homes after their racing days are over. I hear they make great pets and do not need as much exercise as you might think. So if you think you might like to take one on have a look in your local animal shelter. At the moment there are a lot of cats, dogs and small animals in desperate need of new homes. People cannot afford to keep them due to the financial crisis but they all need a little TLC. Not only that but many animal shelters are in terrible need of support. Their finances are slowly dwindling due to rising costs and more animals needing homes. One of the shelters near me, Arthurshiel Rescue Centre, might have to shut its doors if they cannot get more funding. That would be terribly sad, not only for the volunteers at Arthurshiel but also the animals who need their help, people who have no choice but to try and re-home their pets, the local council who rely on the service and those who want to take on a homeless animal.


Seth said...

Hey Gillian. A truly beautiful drawing. And you definitely put a spotlight on an important issue.

FuzzyBlue said...

That is a gorgeous graphite. Wow. I think after seeing that i am officially throwing in the graphite towel (it was scratchy anyway and turned me an interesting shade of gray). And good work in highlighting the issue of adoption. I recently (as in about fifteen minutes ago) heard of Grayhound adoption as having a 45 MPH couch potato in terms of their activity or lack thereof.

Sharon McAllister said...

What a wonderful drawing of a greyhound. You have captured the gentle grace of the breed.