Friday, 17 July 2009

Socks are not safe!

Look at this angelic face. Butter wouldn't melt. Perhaps even a spot of melancholy?

Now look at this one:

I think he ate the butter along with the sock. For some obscure reason dogs in my family unit like to chew socks. Sam did the same thing as a pup though thankfully that trait died out with his chasing cars and eating gladiolas as he got older. I thought this photo was priceless. Sorry about the picture quality - the glory of mobile phones hasn't developed to include good quality phone pictures.


FuzzyBlue said...

D'oh! Oh so cute and dangerous to footwear everywhere.

Seth said...

You just have to smile!!

Wabbit said...

He's so beautiful! It's maddening when they show their love with their teeth!

artbykarieann said...

He's gorgeous! Willow's (gsd) best friend at dog training club is a rottweiler named Duke, both breeds have a bad name but not at all warranted. My dog likes socks too, even clean ones!