Thursday, 31 December 2009

Five and a half inches!

Yes, five and a half inches of snow fell between 6 and 9.30 this morning. It is amazing! This winter has been the most winterly I have seen since I was a child. Usually we get a day or two of snow that melts very quickly. This year has been very special though. It started to snow on the Saturday before Christmas and it has stayed around, snowing on and off over that period. I love snow (in case you hadn't noticed) so this is making me feel like a kid. At the moment we have thick fog but more snow is forecast for later. I usually hate New Year but this one is turning out to be more fun than most.
These two photos are of the road that runs in front of the house.

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Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!! Love the snow pics. We got a light dusting of snow the other day. I felt the same way you did, like a little kid! LOL! LOVE the snow, it's magical somehow. We still could get more though. Send some my way, will ya? ;) Bonnie