Tuesday, 15 June 2010


create & buy custom products at Zazzle

Several months ago I opened a Zazzle store and then did very little with it. Zazzle allows you to put your own designs, photos, art, etc onto merchandise without having the financial outlay of getting stuff printed and then having to store it yourself. In short, it's print on demand. There are a number of these companies now, the best known being Cafe Press, but I chose Zazzle because of it's good name in artistic circles and the fact they use Paypal as a payment method. However, other than a couple of t-shirts and greetings cards my Zazzle store languished, lost and alone in the Zazzle vaults. Without advertising my store heavily few came to visit. I had a total of twelve visits and no sales over the months it was active and I'm sure most of them were visits by me. So I figured it was time to add a few more things and see what I could do with it. So far I have put badger and fox coloured pencil pieces online as well as a pen and ink panda and my graphite Stanley (rottweiler). At the moment I have t-shirts, greetings cards and a mug. There are a few more ideas lurking in the back of my mind and hopefully some will appeal.

If you want to take a look you can find my US store at http://www.zazzle.com/gillianmcmurray* and my UK store at http://www.zazzle.co.uk/gillianmcmurray* They are both the same and the products originate from the same warehouse but they use different currencies. And if you have any ideas on which of my art you want to see on products, or which of the Zazzle products you would like to see my art on, then please do leave a comment.


Lori said...

Wow, this is interesting. Haven't heard of this before. You must have the patience of Job. Blogging is one thing, but running a store, etc. online, well, I can only imagine. That Rottweiler image is spectacular, I'm certain you will sell those to Rott lovers everywhere! The fox and badger are cool too!
p.s. rec'd your pkgs(2) yesterday, thanks so much! left post on EWV group as well. Love, love, love it!

Gillian McMurray said...

Thanks Lori. I'm going cross eyed with all the uploading - LOL.

I'm so glad the packages arrived safely and in the nick of time :o)

Anonymous said...

Cool! i've been drawing my birds on to T's ONE at a time!! I didn't know I even looked into screen printing my own. but my DH say I make enough of a mess ......I heard of Zazzle but I didn't go check it out.! Guess I will go see what Zazzle can do
thanks and Great Luck to you YOUR art is one of my favorites!!

Gillian McMurray said...

Thanks Lori. You'll make me big headed with those nice comments - LOL. I screen printed my own T-shirts for a while. It was fun but time consuming. Zazzle certainly seems to have a good name so if you give it a go let me know.

Seth said...

Zazzle seems to be a great idea but, as you say, sales probably depend upon traffic. Keep us posted on how it is going. With such amazing drawings, I am sure that once people see them, there will be sales.