Sunday, 18 July 2010

Challenge Gillian - June bust

I cannot tell a lie. Finally, after six months of producing a piece of art every week, I have fallen by the wayside. No art. Not one completed piece. I have started several pieces but none of them were finished. Now, I do have a reasons for this. Multiple reasons in fact. I had a number of swaps to make stuff for, I was preparing art for the local exhibition and framing them myself (this is the first time I have done this myself and thankfully hair pulling was kept to a minimum), not to mention a very hot week where I just turned into a slug and got nothing done.

Having said that, July has been much more productive and I have already got two pieces done so it's looking good for having pieces to show you next month. With all the gales and rain we have been having since the start of the month there hasn't been much else to do so plenty of time for art and no excuses.

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