Monday, 30 August 2010

Attention spammers!

My apologies to my regular readers but this is just a note to all the spammers who leave comments about how great my forum is - please don't waste your time filling out the comment box. I monitor all my comments and any that seem to be dodgy are not published. I do not have a forum. I have a blog and it is here so I can share art and crafty inspiration with other arty crafty people - not to act as an advert for some underhand website. Many thanks for you time and remember I WILL NOT PUBLISH YOUR COMMENT IF YOU ARE TRYING TO ADVERTISE.

UPDATE: It's hilarious. You have to laugh at the idiocy of these spammers. They are sending me comments for this very post. Needless to say they won't be published. What a terrible nuisance.

1 comment:

Seth said...

They are a nuisance. And such a waste of time. But they have obviously met their match with Gillian!! :-)