Monday, 10 January 2011

Challenge Gillian - December

So, this is my final entry for my year long challenge. There were times when I thought I would never manage to get to the end of the year but I did and I think it managed to get me back into the process of regular painting. That is a relief as I had really fallen away from sitting down in front of the blank page and getting on with things. Over the year I have tried new paper and brushes, new methods and techniques, new mediums and styles and had a real blast along side some trying times. Who would have thought that one year could bring so many new things in the sphere of my art.

So December's paintings consist of a very handsome rottweiler called Hugo whom I met on Facebook.

Some sketches of one of the robins who visits the garden regularly and dances around my feet when I have food to hand out. One thing I learnt from this was that I shouldn't use printer paper to sketch on if I am going to use watercolour to colour it. You can see the wrinkles formed by the water on the image.

A pencil drawing of an oyster catcher. They are a wading bird but they have discovered that farmland has as much to offer as the shoreline and are frequently seen in the field across the road from the house in the summer.

And finally, some winter sheep inspired by my trips into town during the very snowy weather.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my progress over the year. I have enjoyed sharing my art and the supportive comments I have received. Thank you all very much. I hope you will stay tuned though as this year I will be posting plenty more art and crafts and am toying with the idea of some giveaways and demos.


Lori said...

More gorgeous work, Gillian! Hope you're not tiring of me saying that, but I truly love your work!

Seth said...

Thanks for sharing your drawings all year long. These are gems, just like the others.

Cate said...

Glad to find you on Etsy and your blog. Self-challenges are the best way to grow--love those little robin red-breasts. Beautiful work!

Anonymous said...

I love your art. Thanks for sharing!

PaulBaileyArt said...

Superb work Gillian.