Sunday, 20 November 2011

Buttons, buttons everywhere

Crafters often have a thing for buttons. I have, I know many other crafters who have and the craft shops are full of little packets of buttons. But there is a new twist to working with buttons. Actually, it's a very old twist - thread wrapped buttons.

I was watching Create and Craft on TV a few weeks ago and a lady, Gina Barrett, came on to show us how to make thread wrapped buttons. So pretty. I was inspired, nay, hooked. So I bought her first DVD and have been making buttons ever since (well, when I get five minutes to sit down and relax). A few simple materials are all that are needed - threads (I used size 5 and 8 cotton perle, rayon, embroidery silk or floss and viscose gimp) and button moulds to wrap the thread around (I use a double layer of watercolour paper although there are proper wooden moulds available). They have wonderful names like 'Death's Head Wrap', 'Star of David' and 'Chequerboard'. Each design is a genuine button making technique from the 14th century onward. I think that is part of the reason they appealed to me so much. I love history and to be able to make something that people made in the past is a direct link to history.

I have included a few pictures of my buttons here but if you want to check out Gina's web site where she sells her DVDs and other goodies then you can find it here .


PJ Hornberger said...

Your buttons are gorgeous! I passed this on to a friend. She will be crazy over this. The colors you used really show off the wrapping/weaving of the button. thanks for sharing.

Gillian McMurray said...

Thank you so much PJ. I hope your friend enjoys looking at them too. They were great fun to make and have so many uses. I love things that are multi functional ;o)

Marie said...

May I ask you where you find your viscose gimp? I'm desesperately looking for this for embroidery!

Gillian McMurray said...

Hi Marie. I use You can find their page of single viscose gimp skeins here: or they have gimp inspiration packs that you can find here: . Hope that helps and good luck in your quest :o)