Wednesday, 16 September 2015

101 uses for a glasses case

 OK, not really, it's just one use. This idea came from Pinterest but when I saw it I immediately knew it was genius. Using a glasses case to make a mini sewing kit. 

Mine is a mini English paper piecing kit and includes two spools of thread, a fabric glue stick, a seam ripper, two needle threaders, a thimble and a finger guard, tiny card hexagons and a needle case – made from paper pieced hexies, of course. 

I cannot tell you how handy it is. It sits on my desk and I always know where it it. It also means I don't have to wrestle with my big sewing box to find a needle and it's portable and safe. Because it is a hard case there are no needles/seam ripper stabbing me randomly because they have poked out of the fabric/bag I have put them in. I picked up the glasses case on eBay for less than £2 - so nice and affordable too.

There is no end to the possibilities for this idea – mini painting kit (shortened paint brushes, pencil, tubes of paint); drawing kit (short pencils, rubber, paper stumps); even a mini make-up kit (mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, cotton bud, tissue) or first aid kit (sticking plasters/band aids, individually packaged anti septic wipes, cotton wool balls, small pair of scissors). Thanks Pinterest. Another great idea.

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