Sunday, 28 February 2016

The pods have got me!

I came across a cute little pattern for making Sweetpea Pods by Lazy Girl Designs (bought from Sew Thankful - who also supplied a speedy dispatch and quick delivery to the UK from the US - I'm not affiliated, just appreciative of good service). They are great. Really simple to make and quick, once you've made the first one. I even discovered that by not doing the final step of stitching the corners you can make a nice little flat purse (the lime green one at the back). I may have to make a few of these for gifts and fill them with something nice like chocolates or sewing goodies.

Another of Lazy Girl Designs patterns is the Becca Bag and just as easy, if not easier to make up.

Another lot of pods by a different designer are the Storage Pods by Beth Studley. I came across this pattern on Pinterest and thought it would be great for the hooks on the back of the craft room door. I paid for the downloadable pattern but you can order a paper pattern if you prefer - I just couldn't wait for one to be delivered. Another nice little gift idea and great as a quilting project for those who want to quilt but don't need multiple bed covers, table runners or cushions. This one holds my fabric scraps at the moment but I think I will need to make more for all those little bits and pieces I have lying around.

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