Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Colourful wooden beads for the summer

It has been rather damp here for the last few weeks. While the rest of the UK has been basking in sun, it has been dull and grey and wet in the Scottish Borders. The wet weather is taking its toll on my poor hands too. Usually I don't have to worry about my hands until late autumn when I start upping my use of cod liver oil. But this summer has been bad. As a result my paper bead making has been severely limited. So I have been painting wooden beads instead. As you can see, there is a summer theme going on. Bees, and ladybirds, flowers, lighthouses and starfish. It's a cross between summer in a country garden and at the beach. I wonder why? If you want to see more examples then you can find them on my web site.

Honey bee wooden hand painted bead

Flower wooden hand painted bead
ladybird wooden bead hand painted

lighthouse wooden hand painted bead

red lighthouse wooden hand painted bead

bee square hand painted wooden bead

Starfish hand painted wooden bead

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