Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Knitting is addictive

So, when I was little I was taught to knit at school. My first project was a scarf. My second was a snake - don't ask why the teacher chose a snake. I'd imagine the pattern was a simple one for teaching increases and decreases. I have no idea what happened to that snake. I don't remember it much from my childhood so I can only assume it was so horrible that it was disposed of not long after it was made. Anyway, that was the extent of my knitting experience. Let's just say it traumatised me. I never wanted to knit again. Until about a year and a half ago.

I like socks. Being an outdoors type of person I wanted big chunky socks to wear with my walking boots. I tried crocheting them and used varying kinds of sock looms - just to avoid knitting them myself. It didn't work. The resulting 'socks' - and I use that term loosely - were awful. There was nothing for it, I had to KNIT them. Step in, Craftsy. I took a toe up knitting class which was excellent. I knitted my first pair of socks and they looked like socks. I was so pleased. Except they don't tell you that knitting socks is addictive.

I took another Craftsy class on knitting top down socks, then one on more advanced sock knitting. OK, I don't mind the thought of more craft classes and more socks. Problem is, I am now knitting lots of other things too. Scarves, Christmas decorations, mittens, hats, bags. I am using wool and acrylic and alpaca and bamboo yarns. I'm even using blends of yarns. What happened to me? For most of my life I proudly professed, 'I HATE KNITTING!' Now I buy books about knitting - knitting patterns, knitting stories, I even join Facebook groups for knitting! I am taking a class on knitting cables and have successfully wrestled with colour work. This week I bought two more Craftsy classes - Bavarian Twisted Stitches and Next Steps in Fair Isle. Why is there no health warning about knitting? 'Knitting can seriously damage your bank balance.' I think I am doomed to cupboards full of yarn and an empty bank account. But at least the family will have lots of knitted goodies.

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