Tuesday, 19 December 2017

I forgot - Beads for Christmas: part 3

I forgot to mention these new beads - Mindfulness Words on Etsy (still not updated the web site). The second bead from the top actually reads 'Living in the Moment'. I just couldn't fit it all in the photo. As someone who has meditated and practised yoga for a long time I figured they were rather apt messages for me to remember. I am in need of a break.

Mindfulness paper beads

However I am now officially on holiday from work and, boy, am I going to be creative. At least that's the plan. New crafts I'm hoping to try - chocolate making, marquetry, hand dying threads. Crafts to finish - the binding on a quilt, a knitted scarf, a crocheted duck and sewing a little shoulder bag. I'm only off for the week though. I may need another holiday by the time I'm finished.

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