Saturday, 1 December 2018

The great delay of the paper beads

At long last, only two months late, I have new bead designs on Etsy. To say it is a relief is an understatement. The prototypes sat in my 'to be made' pot for months after printing them out but due to work and personal issues they never got finished. They looked sad sitting naked, without their coats on. Anyway, they are done now - just in time for the festive season.

The first set is called Elven Crown. They reminded me of the fine craft work in the Lord of the Rings movies with swirls and scrolls.

I went a little nationalist with the next lot - Flame of Scotland. These have mustard coloured thistles alongside turquoise thistle leaves on flame orange backgrounds. For some reason they remind me of New Year.

Then I went all garden inspired. These beads are called Midnight Garden and reminded me of the garden late at night when the bright colours of the daytime flowers became muted and ghost-like.

Then we have some Marigolds. My Mum planted marigolds in the garden every summer when I was growing up - that is until she got fed up with the insect life that took up residence in them.

Then we have a Rainbow Garden. Swirls and flowers in multicolours. They will certainly cheer up a winter craft project.


And finally, Tribal in neutral colours with a pop of colour. Phew!

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