Saturday, 16 January 2021

On Instagram - at last


At long last I have started using Instagram. OK, I'm a bit behind the rest of the world but that's normal for me. Although I have been using social media and my blog for over ten years it is getting harder and harder to be seen thanks to the dreaded 'algorithms' that decide if you are 'cool' or not (I am so very not cool).

So I have not been posting much anywhere just because it is soul destroying to spend time thinking of something interesting to say only for no one to see it. Currently I get my best engagement on Facebook if I post once every six weeks and my blog reach has fallen to almost nothing. It makes the whole thing a bit pointless. 

So I am trying Instagram. I don't have a smart phone (I don't have a mobile phone at all actually) so it has not been easy for me to post there. However, after years of trying to figure out a way I finally found a work around with a cheap tablet.

Now I can post my art more regularly as I am not using it to find hundreds of followers. I am hoping that people using either search engines or Instagram's own search system will come across my work and see something they like. I am not going to get dragged into the algorithm issue or numbers of followers. It will be an online portfolio for people to scroll through and enjoy the images - and it would be nice if a bit of work came from it too.

So, if you would like to follow me there and see photos of my art, local Scottish wildlife, plants and scenery and whatever else I think might be interesting then you can find me here.

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