Monday, 18 December 2006

From a frosty morning.

I woke up to a world of white this morning. Beautiful, crisp, clean frost sparkling in the sun. Winter is definitely my favourite time of year. I don't deal with the heat well. I hibernate during the summer because it just gets too hot to do anything. I can't even paint because the heat dries the paint too quickly. But today it is so calm and still that the smoke from the chimneys in the nearby village and lying in the valley like mist. It is a very beautiful sight.

I have had a few people asking to see some more of my black and white work. My web site (at has quite a few examples of plants, animals and buildings but I will add a few more of my secret stash here as and when I feel the need to show them. For those who visit my site, the pen and ink panda has just been licensed as a rubber stamp by OnyxXpressions ( It should be available in the not too distant future. OnyxXpressions have some stunningly beautiful stamps from oriental designs and text to photo realistic animals. The most beautiful stamps I have seen yet and Cheryl McVeigh, who runs the company, is very friendly and helpful. If you use stamps take a look.

So, on to the pictures. Here I have uploaded some small images I did of a fallow deer, a badger (the neighbour to the painting on my home page), detail of a foxglove, and some butterflies. I hope you enjoy them.

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