Thursday, 11 January 2007

Sad news

I have just heard that two friends of my family and mine have been found dead in their home. This is a tragedy I never expected to hear. It turns out that Mandy had been very ill with Multiple Sclerosis and I guess she just couldn't take any more. Richard must not have been able to stand the thought of life without her. That's love and devotion that most people cannot understand. It's such a sorry story but at least they are together. They were both lovely people - he was an artist and author and she was bright, kind, active and loved the outdoors. Mandy came round for coffee regularly, and I looked after their chickens when they went on holiday. I was even given a signed copy of Richard's book when they moved away - a treasured possession my sister has tried to pinch from me many times. I have some very nice memories. I hope they have found some peace together. (See

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