Monday, 1 January 2007

New Year? Bah!!!

So it is the New Year. Last year was a pig. In fact the last 18 months have been a pig. However, 2006 went out with a crash and a bang, as I should have expected. We had terrific storms last night and at about 7.15 there was a terrific crashing, shattering noise. I looked out the bedroom window to find the lid of the coal bunker had blown off and the large rock holding it down (supposedly to stop the wind blowing the lid away) was lying on the back shelf of the car. The wind had caught the lid, lifted it up and catapulted the rock through the window. Talk about mess. And to top it off I had to go out and try and fix up a temporary cover to keep the rain out of the car with huge winds buffeting me - and a poor, wee sparrow that was being blown about like a piece of fluff. Of course, I got up this morning and tripped over a tube of posters I am storing for my sister. Then my PC wouldn't start. What does this mean for the coming year? I dread to think.

I have to get back on track with my art. I have a couple of commissions in the pipeline and I have to get my head into the right mode. Still not sure how I'm going to do that but I said I would do the work and the work will be done! Been doing a few more 1x1 inch squares though. Someone suggested covering boxes with them. I like that idea and as a box hoarder have many boxes to cover. But serious work must come first.

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