Thursday, 22 February 2007

There has been a distinct lack of creativity in my life recently. Well, by that I mean 'official' creativity - the kind that makes me money. I'm washed out and washed up. My desire to paint and draw has got up and gone. I've been fighting for 18 months to try and find it again but the truth is I just don't care if I never paint or draw again. I know it all sounds very depressing. But the more I force it the less likely it is to come back.

On a more positive note - the crazy, strange and weird type art is flourishing in my life. Which is very odd for a perfectionist, realistic type artist to say. I don't want to be neat and tidy any more. I want mess and lots of it. I'm contemplating giving up my commissioned work and just playing havoc with my art materials forever. I've spent my life trying to play by the rules and do things the right way. But as no one else is doing so I don't see why I should either. I want to be covered in PVA glue and dimensional paint. I want felt fibres to be permanently stuck under my finger nails. I banish tiny pen and ink dots and wishy watercolours!!!! Meanwhile, back in the real world....

I have included a few pics here of some miniature art I have been doing. I am working on a series of collages of Sam. I find it to be very therapeutic and it's nice to see him in lots of colour. He was a colourful character in life and it is fitting that this memory reflects that. The other two are 1x1 inch squares for a swap and two handmade books for storing my swapped ATCs.


primdollie said...

I am so happy that you are making such wonderful pieces with Sam's images they are wonderful and reflect your love for him and I know that makes you feel good!!! and yes I love mess and glue and just fun with art!! since I can neither paint or draw can't say I miss that but I always thought things should be "just so"!!! and now am happy they aren't!!! much for fun!!! enjoy and go for it!!! it seems to be working quite well!!!! Hugs Linda

Arty Lady's blog said...

Looks pretty creative to me. Love the cards.

I have just discovered your blog and really like it, but you have had so much trauma in your life. I'm so sorry about your Sam and your two friends, very tragic.

Be strong, creative and keep smiling. Things will get better.