Friday, 9 March 2007


I came to a decision last week - I am giving up my commissioned painting. I am not sure if this is a permanent thing but I am very tired of painting and drawing. It used to be ingrained in my personality but the pleasure I got from it isn't there any more. I object to it and get very angry when forced to paint something I don't 'feel'. I am constantly asked to paint pets from pictures that are so bad I can't make out distinguishing features. So I figure it is time for a break. I have many other skills that I can call on and am taking a detour to fibre art and clay work. I got some woodworking tools for Christmas too so who knows where that will take me. It will be fun finding out though.

The trouble is - I built my web site with Frontpage Express but have since upgraded my PC to Windows XP. Now, those in the know realise that FP Express doesn't come with Outlook Express any more. So I'm kind of stuffed for putting up a notice on my site. I have tried a couple of other web publishing tools but to no avail. So more thought is needed, me thinks. But I need to change that web site. Grrrrr!

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