Sunday, 1 April 2007

A new first

I finished my first non-realistic piece of art that I am to sell this week. The picture of it does not do it justice. The actual piece is more red and richer in colour. But overall I am very pleased with it. I enjoyed the process of making it. When I did my conventional painting my blood pressure was permanently raised. It was highly stressful for me as I was always trying to make it look how I wanted it to. I always fell short and as never pleased with the result. But I like this piece. I hope other people will.

I finally signed up to my next Open University course too - Ancient and Medieval Cities: a Technological History. I can't wait. It has been four years since I graduated from Royal Holloway: University of London where I read Classical Studies. It was a tough time for me but I NEED to study again. After this course I hope to sign up for the World Archaeology course in September. I have to admit that it feels good to get back into the academic world.


Dianne said...

Hello Gillian.
I just joined the tec group.
I have to tell you what a fabulous artist you are and in all of your mediums. Your first non realistic piece is really brilliant work, so I do hope you keep doing it and its seems to be a lot less stressfull. Maybe this is the painting our suppose to be doing..
Brilliant work thanks for sharing it...

Ro Bruhn said...

What a beautiful piece of work, love the colours. Good luck with your studies
Ro from down under

Aileen said...

What a beautiful piece this is love the colors and the whimsey of it!!In fact I'm enjoying all your work, thanks for sharing!

Wabbit said...

Lovely use of color and line here, Gillian!

I'm taking an Open University course too, on the Brighton Pavilion. The Regency is my favorite period of history. Everything was busily changing, sort of like now. Good luck with yours. Studying feels good, doesn't it?

Marva Plummer-Bruno said...

Gillian - I love this piece! It is wonderful and the colors are just gorgeous! Marva