Sunday, 29 April 2007

To burn or not to burn!

There is a curse about heat embossing for me. Terrible dramas ensue when I start to emboss. The latest - I nearly set fire to the carpet. There is a fetching ATC shaped burn mark on my studio carpet now. I usually do heat embossing on my desk but it was rather overflowing this time so I knelt on the floor. Big mistake. I didn't even notice the heat. Usually if my fingers start to burn I realise that it is too hot. But I was so busy watching the colours change that I didn't see the carpet.

There have been a few situations like that. The first time I tried it I didn't have a heat gun so decided to use a candle. Once again I got so caught up in watching the colours that I didn't notice the card had set on fire. I panicked, ran round the room twice with the burning paper then remembered to throw it in the bathroom sink. The second time I had just bought a new heat gun. I switched it on, it screamed like a harpie and then blew up. I tell you there is a curse about heat embossing. On the up side, it gives some lovely effects. You can see my attempts in the photos.


Dianne said...

Sorry but this was so funny weel no real harm was done but very funny.. You have to be real carefull and I usually have somw water beside me if I do any candle burning.. The Atc cards are beautiful, wish they went bigger though to see up close..

Anonymous said...

To prevent burns and to heat the embossing faster, cover a clip board or other piece of board with a heavy duty aluminum foil and use that to emboss on.