Thursday, 6 September 2007


Well, it seems I have been tagged by the brilliant and talented Chrysti. I'm really chuffed. Six quirks about me - I'm soooo going to have difficulty with this. I am one giant quirk. In fact it has taken me two days to come up with six.

1. I have a thing for men in glasses. Reading glasses to be specific (not that Top Gun look with the sun specs - bleaugh!). I find men more handsome if they wear glasses.
2. I prefer animals to humans. That is not to say that I dislike the company of people - I like to talk. However, animals are centred, have purpose, don't bitch, complain, lie or stab you in the back (but who's bitter? ;o)) and if you tick them off they eat you - or at the very least bite you. You know where you stand with animals.
3. I don't go to bed at night. I am usually awake until between 1.30 to 3.00am and am at my most creative late at night.
4. I hate romantic, mushy movies, books, etc and love action/adventure films, sci-fi and fantasy. Yes, I was, and still am, a tom-boy.
5. I get distracted reading books. I read something interesting in the course of a book which sparks an interest elsewhere and before I know it I have gone from reading a history of Leonardo Da Vinci to The Great Big Cookie Book via The Life of Muhammad, Eastern Philosophy, a reader for the technology of pre-industrial cities and The Official Guide to the X Files in one evening.
6. I find rocking back and forward meditative - especially while waiting for things to download over my dial-up connection.

There are probably many more personal quirks I could come up with but seeing as it took two days to decide on six I figured I had best publish them before it's Christmas.

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Anonymous said...

Great List!

I so get what you mean about animals. And I wonder if any of us creative types ever sleep!