Thursday, 27 December 2007

In the world of the Golden Compass

As a bit of fun today, and being partial to fantasy movies, polar bears and Daniel Craig, I went to the Golden Compass web site ( On surfing around I came across a quiz to find my very own daemon - just like in the film. I don't usually have much time for these kinds of quiz but I did it anyway, just for fun. I liked the questions posed and found the results really interesting. On answering the questions Daemon Inachus was declared to be my daemon. Now, I'm not the biggest spider fan in the world (although I do use a jar to catch the ones that come into the house and put them back outside) but the description of my personality was spot on. It says I am modest, solitary, flexible, softly spoken and spontaneous. At least that's how I see myself. Maybe others would tell you different. I'm certainly spontaneous when buying books, as Amazon has just found out - I've been spending my Christmas money.


Wabbit said...

Hope you had a Happy Christmas, Gillian!

Seth said...

Thanks for the link Gillian. I tried this myself. My daemon is Marchestra and I have to say that it is pretty accurate.