Friday, 21 December 2007


I tried my hand at altering another photo. With all that wonderful frost I have plenty of photos of gravestones that I want to use. The one here was produced by using a 50%bleach/50% water mixture. I dipped the whole photo into it until I liked the colours them rinsed it in clean water with a splash of vinegar. I added some peel off stickers, coloured the gravestone with marker pen, sanded heavily and added some silver embossing powder. I still have difficulty letting rip with photos. I'm not sure what constitutes a 'good' altered photo.

I have also added some photos of a scarf and tie that I have been playing with. My Dad asks me to make him a Christmas tie each year. This one is covered in huskies and has been very popular with Dad's customers. I have had two requests for these ties. The scarf uses Color Washes but I am not convinced of their value for money or usefulness. The colours are too pale once washed and dried. I have used different kinds of fabric paints in the past, and while I like the effect of spraying on silk, I find Colour Washes too expensive and wasteful. I use plain copier paper to mop up the left over ink once I finish painting the scarf.

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Seth said...

Love the colors in the altered photo!