Friday, 18 January 2008

Embarking on an adventure

Not much to report at the moment. I have spent the last two weeks writing my final assignment for the Leonardo da Vinci course and feeding my neighbour's cats.

Either I am getting particularly fussy as I get older or the standard of courses is slipping with the OU. Kindergarten kids will know more about Leonardo than I do after this course. I am sure there is a wealth of information available on this man but the course just dusted over a whole lot of detail. That makes two Open University short courses that have not hit home for me. Time to try something different. So I signed up for an art course. This course will give me a qualification in Pet Portraiture at the end of it which means I will finally have a piece of paper to qualify my skills. People like to know that the artists they employ have been through art school but I am self taught. It shouldn't negate my skills but it does. Hopefully this will redress the balance a little. The course covers coloured pencil, pastel, acrylic and oil - all of which I have very little experience with. It will be a bit of an adventure for me.

Meantime this is a piece I was trying out using some tiny paper weaving. Those little Medieval birds insisted on being part of the projects.

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Seth said...

Hope this next course works out better for you. And these are great colors on this piece.