Friday, 25 January 2008

Being badgered

The advantage to doing an art course made up of media I have never used before is the fun I have choosing and buying them. I bought two sets of Derwent colour pencils this week and have been trying them out. One set is the Studio line, the other is the Artists soft drawing pencils. Both are nice. The Studio pencils give a wonderful, crisp line, ideal for detailed work. The Artists are soft and waxy but give a nice, bold line and blend beautifully. The badger picture is my first attempt using them together. He is no more than a doodle really. I was just playing with the pencils to see what they could do and he grew out of those experiments. I bought some soft and hard pastels two weeks ago but they scare me. They say that watercolour is hard to control but I cannot seem to get pastels to do what I want them too. I guess that is where the tuition comes in so I will have to wait until I reach that part of the course.

The other pictures are of a couple of birthday cards and some metal tags decorated with alcohol ink and embossing powders.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing your review of both pencils. I have used exclusively Caren d Ache pencils but have had my eye on both of these... also the Graphic Tint and Inktense (I think it is called Inktense)... I love the way Badger turned out. At first glance I thought it was a photograph! Great work.

BTW - I found your blog via "The Altered Page". I am glad I did! Good to meet you. Hugs, Maralena

Seth said...

The badger is wonderful. So much more than a doodle!