Sunday, 20 April 2008

Always let your conscience be your guide

More and more I am hearing stories about unscrupulous people stealing art from the internet in order to produce consumer items. China seems to be the biggest culprit for this, having factories set up were artists can reproduce other artists' work and sell it on. In other words - fakes. Designs and images are being used on everything from plates and rugs to actual paintings. However, where we all think we are protected from this kind of thing by copyright, these people have other ideas. Roadblocks in the official process for prosecution are commonplace, not to mention the time, money and language barriers that are involved. In short, they get away with stealing artists' work. Another example crossed my path this week concerning a book called Colorful Illustrations 93°C. The full story can be found here on Darren di Lieto's blog . This is an expensive book ($100 or about £50) so it is unlikely that there will be a mad rush to buy. But if you are so inclined remember that the book is plagiarised and none of the artists are getting paid. Then let you conscience decide what is right.

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