Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Wild 'n' wooly weather

This week has been rather odd in terms of the weather. One day I was reading out in the garden wearing a T-shirt. Two days later it was snowing heavily. Many of the usual garden insect species had poked their noses out of their hibernation spots on the warm and sunny day. Goodness knows how they dealt with two days of chill Wild winds and snow. The leaves on the trees are already bursting out (two weeks earlier than in 2006 & 2007) and many of the roadside flowers are in bloom. So to be hit with a second winter came as a surprise to me, never mind the wildlife. Today is another warm, beautiful day. Will we see another return to the cold? Quite possibly. There is a spring related saying in Scotland: Ne'er cast a clout 'til May is oot. Translation: Don't take your thermal underwear (or winter clothing) off until the May blossom (or hawthorn) is in flower. That usually happens at the end of May here. In the past I have seen snow on the hills behind the house in June.

I have added a photo of the commission I am working on. This is just a partial picture of one of the cats as I am still working on it. It has been very challenging but I have really enjoyed it. I feel that my painting has improved over the last year. Amazing considering I have not painted or drawn anything in that time. I find that when I do take time away from my art I notice an improvement when I do go back. This is one commission I am very pleased to have as it stimulated my desire to paint again.


Seth said...

Beautiful painting! Such great detail and wonderful expression in this image.

Wabbit said...

Stanley is a cutie. Poor Oz will eventually get used to him, I hope. I find it takes about 6 months to fully assimilate a new family member/pet. I really enjoy your animal drawings and as much as I like to draw, I just cannot draw animals well, so I envy your ability!