Monday, 5 May 2008

Boxing clever

I experienced a magical thing the other night. For the first time I saw hares boxing. This is a practice that involves female hares 'boxing' the males around the head when they become too amorous. It is documented on every wildlife programme, magazine article and book about them but I had never seen it in action. This is mainly because the hare population lives on the hills surrounding my house. I do not climb up there very often so opportunities for watching hare behaviour were always limited. These hares have now moved to lower ground, perhaps indicating a growth in local hare populations, so I was able to see them in action. It does not matter when or how I see new things in terms of wildlife, I always get a chill up my spine. It feels like a privilege to see these things. The first time I watched a badger cleaning out it's sett I was on a high for days.

This picture is a little pen and ink sketch of a brown hare that I was inspired to draw after my experience.

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Gwen Buchanan said...

What a wonderful sight you beheld...The natural habits of creatures ... reminds me of when the deer first came out here in the spring by our home... they chased after each other in the field and kicked each other with their front hooves... I haven't figured if it was territorial or playing or mating...

Your drawing is so delicate and true.. gorgeous!!!