Saturday, 3 January 2009

Blog habit

OK! I'll admit it. I spend more time reading blogs these days than creating. There! I have said it. There are so many wonderful blogs out there and so many creative people to catch up with that I spend more time seeing other people being creative than doing any myself. I can't help it. I have seen so many techniques that I want to try but each time I come across one there are also links to other new techniques. It is a never ending spiral. However, I have broken free over the last few days and have made a few things. The picies speak for themselves - three cards, an inchie and an ATC.

I have had my first proper attempt at soldering like Sally Jean Alexander. It's not as easy as she makes it look. At the moment I am wrestling with discoloured and blobbly solder. I have no doubt that with a little patience and a good hot soldering iron I will smooth it out. It just needs patience - probably. Whereas other artists who make such keepsakes use collaged items I have used some tiny drawings I made. The first one is a badger (surprise, surprise) with some rubber stamped words. No photo yet as I have only done one side of it but I will post one soon - barring horrible accidents.


Janet said...

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who suffers from this problem! I just keep seeing something that catches my eye and I think "oh, I'll do that" but then I'm off to another blog and see something else!

I love your cards and ATC....very pretty.

Mari said...

Wow, these are nice cards. You're a pro. I like your paintings of animals.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

My art blog, which I have not updated for a while, is here....My Art
...will update it soon.

Seth said...

Love all the colors of these pieces. So serene and calming. And I too spend way too much time visiting blogs. But I find so much inspiration in the process!