Tuesday, 6 January 2009


Just before Christmas I was the very lucky recipient of a trade package from a wonderful lady in Oregon. It was full of treasures - stickers, cutouts, tags, glitter glue, inchies, chocolate and tea to name but a few. For the whole of the day when the box arrived, I played with everything - the Stickles glitter glue being one of my favourite things. I have not used Stickles before but it is great fun. I was adding it to everything. So inspired was I that I dashed off to Ebay to find more colours. As you might imagine Stickles is playing a big part in my creativity at the moment. It has added some sparkle to my projects without the mess of traditional glue. So I have added a few pictures of the things I made - some ATCs, lots of inchies, a vellum tag (vellum stickers on the tag and laid over some brightly painted yellow card. The yellow shows through the vellum to make it glow with a little colour.) and a couple of mini boxes. The boxes were made from a template I made of a box one of the chocolates came it. I carefully pulled the box apart and it makes a great template for those little gifts you might send - or inchie storage. Needless to say the Winter box is highlighted with white Stickles. It just doesn't show up.


Seth said...

Cool collection of pieces here. It is great to be inspired by a new product or idea!

Anonymous said...

Inspiration like that gets those creative juices flowing and makes it so much fun! Bonnie