Tuesday, 17 February 2009

I've got Bramblings!

No, it's not a horrible disease. Bramblings are little birds from the finch family. They come from Russia and Norway and visit Britain during the winter months and I have never seen any before. Usually they are very shy but I read today that they will venture into gardens to feed during very severe winters. Considering we have had more snow that I have seen in years I think February could definitely be considered part of a severe winter. These birds are so attractive with their yellowish chests and mottled heads and tummies. The female is one of the prettiest female garden birds I have seen yet. Usually female birds get to be dull greys and browns. I'm very glad they came to visit. I'm afraid the photos are not great because I took them through the kitchen window which was splashed with rain drops.

Last week I managed to capture a brilliant image by pure chance. I just happened to press the shutter button on my camera as the action happened. A poor old blackbird fell off a snowy branch and splatted in the snow. I couldn't have taken that photo even if I tried. He didn't fall far - just a couple of inches - and he got up and ran off after another male blackbird that was trying to eat his food.

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Seth said...

Nice shots Gillian. And good timing!