Friday, 13 February 2009


Here is a Valentine's card I made for my Mum to give to my Dad. My family decided they would rather pay me for my cards than spend money in the shops for something that will just be thrown away. So I get asked to make cards for all sorts of occasions - including St Valentines - my least favourite festivity. There is something about the day that is very artificial for me. Everyone is being told they have to do something nice for their loved one, spend, spend, spend, but I would rather have something given to me for no reason at any other time of the year. It doesn't take much imagination to buy a bunch of flowers or a box of choccies when every shop is screaming at you about Valentines and waving giant hearts and teddies. If someone does something for you for no other reason than they love you then, to me, that means more than a thousand Valentines.

Anyway, the card was made with hand painted paper that was embossed with orange and copper embossing powder. The heart was cut from chipboard, covered with hand painted paper, lightly stamped, had a coating of oil-on-water foil round the edge and gold acrylic smooshed round the circumference. Then came the ultra thick embossing enamel. While the second coat was still molten I sprinkled micro beads onto it and added another coat of UTEE. A little 3D foam, some shiny red card as a mat and and a cream hammered card and it was done.


~*~Patty S said...

Your family is very wise, this card is fantastic!

malamuta said...

I agree with you about the artificial aspect of Valentines Day. To me it's more a day of guilt. Like you I appreciate it more when my husband does something for me because of the love he feels for me in the moment instead of because it's the thing to do.