Sunday, 15 March 2009

Spring clean pt 2

This time I have some Asian themed goodies to give away. I have 9 sheets of 6x6 inch and 6 sheets of 4x4 inch origami paper, 4 papercuts, smaller pieces of pearlized papers and images (ideal for ATCs or cards), beads, charms and stickers. Just like last time, leave a comment along with your e-mail if you want to be in with a chance of winning this parcel of yummy Asian items. Or if you don't want to put your e-mail online, leave a comment then e-mail me at gsmcmurray[at] and let me know which comment is yours. Once again I will use a random number generator to pick a winner on Sunday 22nd March (Mother's Day in the UK). Good luck!


wwilloww said...

Thanks Gillian for offering up Asian themed goodies! Not only would I love to win them but being in the USA, I am willing to pay the postage to receive them if I win!! They are gorgeous, and I certainly could use them as I belong to an Oriental Stamping group!! Thanks again for the give-away...Willow

Anonymous said...

Your collection of Asian ephemera is beautiful; you must have been collecting for a long time, and from a veriety of different interesting sources.

Also I want to comment on your artwork -- the animals are just gorgeous! You've captured their spirits as well as their likenesses.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gillian!
I really enjoy your blog. I would love to be entered to win the Asian giveaway!! Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Hello Gillian! I'm usually a lurker but I had to say hello, my
dad's people came from Scotland!
We have aunts, uncles, and cousins
from Virginia and West Virginia, yay!
Anyway, I want to enter your contest because they are the coolest!

postal orphan said...

Oh wow, what a fabulous giveaway! Thanks for the chance - I'm off to browse through the rest of your blog.

~ wen

One Creative Queen said...

Ooooh Gillian - I would love to win this! What a great assortment of fun Asian goodies! That is one thing I don't have - and I don't know why, because I love it!

Thank you for offering up your destash - I need to do that. Do you hire out? lol

Thanks again,

Elizabeth in NM said...

What a great give away--I love Asian themed stuff!
quilts22 at msn dot com

arlene said...

Spring Clean pt 2..WOW - that's part of 'clean up'..those things are wonderful!
I'm jumping at the chance to win so sign me up - please & thank you!!

Jann said...

Wow-- your cleaning stash is what make us drool.

I would love to be a lucky winner of anything you are apassing along.

If I am one of the lucky ones, I would reimburse you the postage, the least I can do- for letting me play with your leftovers


deestampercanstamp said...

Hi Gillian,
I would love to be entered for this prize.You know it would be put to good use.
Happy Spring!

trixiegirl5192 said...

How sweet of you Gillian. . .you certainly have a wonderful collection and I would love to be included in your spring clean giveaway. . .thank you so much!!

Sandra G.

Anonymous said...


The Asia "goodies" are lovely.
Thank you for your generous offer.
Anyone who loves Oriental art will be thrilled with your gift.

Faith in Florida

malamuta said...

This is my first time visiting your site and am enjoying what you do. I love the zoomies and only wish I had some talent in that direction.
Would I welcome your destashing compilation? You bet! Thanks for the chance to win.

Elizabeth Golden said...

What a great idea! and very generous of you.

Anonymous said...

Gillian, I have never been to your blog before. It's a great one. I love Asian papers and stuff for ATCs so you can send some stuff my way if you want.:) I'll be checking back from time to time. Linda I.

Anonymous said...

Those goodies look wonderful- I bet they would fit into my studio beautifully! LOL!
Diane Young

Anonymous said...

Love this!! Would love to be the lucky winner!

Carolyn Miller

Anonymous said...

WONDERFUL blog! YOur asian items are wonderful....thanks again for the giveaway...

Hugs, and Blessings,

Unknown said...

What beautiful items....I just LOVE your blog.....

Hugs, and Blessings'


Anonymous said...

Thank you Gillian for the opportunity to be a part of your great Asian give-away. So many wonderful goodies.

Melody C. said...

Gillian, thank you for the opportunity to help you de-stash!

Hugs, Melody C.

Anonymous said...

I would love a shot at your beautiful Asian excess. Love Asian...have nothing to speak of. Thanks for the chance.

The Rottie stamp was the angel wings. Lost my Rottie girls years ago and miss them every day.

knuevo at msn dot com

Unknown said...

It was a delight looking around this site and your other ones. Sam is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the Asian theme. . .it's the mainstream of my work! Love to be a part of the drawing.


Anonymous said...

Gillian - please include me in your lucky drawer

Sylvia in beautiful Bingi - Australia

Anonymous said...

Gillian I would love your stash !Asian themeis so cool I hope i get it.
By the way after looking in your blog the other day i was inspired to
sketch my doxie dog which i haven't done in a long while. thanks daisy

Anonymous said...


Hi Gillian!

I'm across the Atlantic in NY.

Thanks for offering!

happygifting@ yahoo. com

Mary Lynn said...

What a wonderful group of goodies. I have wanted to do an Asian themed book, and this would make a great start. Thank you so much for the give away!

Seth said...

Such a great selection of pieces. Thanks for another generous giveaway!

Mary Lou said...

Wow that oriental stuff is fantastic Gillian thank you for offering it to us. I am in bad need of oriental items so maybe I will be the lucky winner........

Mary Lou