Thursday, 2 April 2009


How many times do you read your art/craft/any other book or magazine and want to mark multiple pages with bookmarks? Do you, like me, reach for some scrap paper and tear it into small pieces to act as markers? Well, Lisa Vollrath has a fantastic project on Go Make Something - recycled envelope bookmarks. If you take a look at the project all you have to do is cut the corners off used envelopes and decorate them. I had to give them a go. But what about all those little bits of paper you have leftover, the offcuts from bigger projects or even projects gone bad? Sure, you could collage the envelope corners but if you wanted something a little smarter? So I thought that I would make a template from one of the envelope corners. Then it could be used to form multiple corner bookmarks with a couple of simple folds. I've added the template here. Print the template onto some card and you're all set. All you do is draw round the template, cut it out, fold along the lines, glue the tab and stick down. Then decorate... or not. You just slip the bookmark over the corner of the page and it stays in place. Considering they only take minutes to make you can make hundreds of them for the many inspiring pages you need to mark and they are really handy for students too. Simple. I made mine to be 2 inches along the long edge but you can enlarge or make smaller if you like.

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Seth said...

Very clever and they look pretty cool too.