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Sunday, 26 April 2009

International Charm Day - 28th April 2009

I have just come across this blog about International Charm Day and just had to get involved. Once in a while I make charms using things like polymer clay, beads, wire, etc but I have recently seen so many wonderfully imaginative ideas using christmas light bulbs or glass. I guess you are limited only by your imagination or your ability to not burn yourself with a soldering iron. So over the next few days I hope to make a few charms and put them here on the 28th. If you want to take part too go to - you can even become a follower and might just win a prize. Go on, be charming!


FuzzyBlue said...

The not burning oneself with a soldering iron pretty much excludes my participation but i look forward to seeing your postings! Good luck!

Lorraine said...

Looking forward to seeing your charms..I am having a little charm swap to celebrate International Charm day

Ilene Harris said...


Is that a picture of a border collie on your site? WE HAVE ONE! Oh, more about that later...

So - add me into the swap. What a cool idea!

Gillian McMurray said...

Thank you everyone.

Ilene, the photo is of my Sam, a border collie cross. I lost him about two years ago and miss him greatly.

Unfortunately I am not hosting a charm swap but I know there are a few out there. Check out the International Charm Day blog for details :o)