Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Photo enlargement problem solved

I finally sorted the problem with my photos not enlarging. Apparently when dragging photos within posts that one is writing the link can be broken. This means that when someone clicks on the link it doesn't enlarge the photo. The cure? I had to link my photos to my Picasa Web album. Blogger seems to supply a Picasa Web album, where blog post photos are stored, so that was pretty simple. I just had to upload my photos to my blog post and publish, then go to Picasa Web and open the appropriate image. By using the 'Link' button on the 'Edit Post' screen I cut and pasted the link to the Picasa Web image and re-published. A bit of extra bother but it would seem to work. I can't claim to have figured it out myself though - the Tips for Bloggers blog told me what to do. I just thought I would pass on the info in case anyone else has the same problems in future.

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