Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween!

Yes! It's finally here! I thought I would round things up with some photos of Halloween things I have been playing with over the last few weeks. First off is the Halloween banner I made using Tim Holtz die cuts and some messy paint techniques. I am quite pleased with the way it turned out but trying to store it will be fun. Hopefully there won't be too many tangles by next year.

Then we have some paper envelopes inspired by some Sue Roddis made.

Some very basic zombies that didn't quite trun out the way I imagined. I was lucky to get away with all my fingers intact though. You can see from the photo that they have already been feeding.

A pumpkin tag with some pretty foiling. I bought the foiling kit at the beginning of the month and just about everything has had a coat of foil - including myself at one point. I looked in the mirror to find silver foil stuck to my skin. Pretty!

And finally there are some matchbook notepads. I came across this idea while surfing Etsy and wanted to give them a go. Very simple and very practical.

And while I am too old to go trick or treating, I do have a pumpkin carved and ready to be lit later along with some peanut butter fudge, chocolate fridge cake, various spooky jelly sweet mixes and some 'witches fingers' and cheese and chive pretzels to nibble on while reading The Golem and watching horror movies tonight. First stop is The new version of The Wolf Man with Benicio Del Toro with lots of screams and scares - hopefully. Whatever you are all up to this evening, I hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween. Mwahahaha!


Lori said...

Your banner is awesome Gillian, as are the rest of your Halloween creations! The food sounds wonderful, hope you won't eat it all in one sitting! lol! Have fun watching movies!

Gillian McMurray said...

Thanks Lori. I'm now going to have to focus my creativity on Christmas crafts. I wonder if I can use zombies on my Christmas cards? I didn't eat all the goodies either - I would have been very sick if I had :o) and the movies were great fun.

BonnieLass said...

All your Halloween goodness is fabulous! Glad you had fun on Halloween. So did I! Spent time baking, but also doing some winterizing around home. Of course I had to watch It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie's the little kid in me. You can always send some good eats my way. I'll send some back. LOL! ;)

Seth said...

Digging those zombies Gillian. They have so much personality!