Sunday, 14 November 2010

Challenge Gillian - October

Last month I actually managed to do four watercolour paintings. I even surprised myself. This coming month I have to have three pieces done for a winter exhibition so I know that I will manage to get next month's quota done too. Looks like things are looking up in the inspiration department too. This month I took a look at other things I like to paint - like architecture - instead of just animals. The window here is taken from an Irish church though the view from it just from my imagination.

The penguin is a bit of fun. I was trying out my new paint brushes and decided a penguin was a simple subject for testing out the shading capacity of them. Of course, the one I drew had it's head down and I wondered what it was looking at. Was it saying to itself, 'I really must polish my shoes'? Then I remembered that it is getting close to Christmas so it must have been looking at a gift. I think he's saying, 'Who left this present for me?'

Insects intrigue me. Their design is amazing and they are really tiny works of art in their own right. Of course a ladybird is the ultimate in British summertime insects. Everyone seems to love them.

And finally, as it's autumn, I had to draw a pumpkin. This one is listed in my Etsy store and is called Hide and Seek. I just thought that the mouse looked like it was hiding from the damselfly during a game. So now it is onwards to come up with some ideas for the exhibition. Considering the hand in is on the 25th November I'd better get my skates on.


Lori said...

All are gorgeous, I just love them all...

Gillian McMurray said...

Thank you Lori. They weren't as much of a chore as some months paintings were :o)