Sunday, 17 July 2011

Bugged out by summer

Yes, it's summer, my least favourite time of year. What is inevitable, apart from it being too hot, suffering from allergies and feeling totally lethargic, is the influx of bugs. I don't mind bugs, I have a soft spot for beetles, but flying insects drive me to distraction. So you may find it strange that I bought a books called Wire Bugs and have been making a few wire and bead bugs over the last few weeks. But these are cute bugs. They don't sting, they don't fly in at your face, they don't cause irritation or illness. They just look cute. Ants, beetles, bees, dragonflies ... they are all in the book. I even came up with a few hybrid ideas of my own. Great fun.


Lori said...

Ha! Summer here in Illinois US sucks too, IMO. For example, today it's 96 with about the same percent humidity. I hate it. So, I'm with you on the least favorite time of the year. Love your bugs though, they came out really cool!

Seth said...

These are so cool Gillian. And definitely better than the critters that run and fly around in August.