Friday, 23 September 2011

From the mad scientist of beads

I have been experimenting like a mad beading scientist this week. I got very messy, very covered in glue and my eyes were filled with glitter. Well, maybe not 'filled' exactly but there was glitter in my eyes on several occasions. Let me tell you, it's not something I advise. It nips. However, from these experiments came some new style beads. Silk paper beads to be precise. I got some wonderful colour combinations and am very pleased with them. I have added a few sets to my Etsy store but I really must find something wonderful to do with some myself. Mmmm. What to make?


Seth said...

Beautiful surface to these beads. And I had to laugh imaging you as the mad beading scientist experimenting away. Priceless.

Anonymous said...

They are beautiful and I can see how you would be happy with the results. Being a mad scientist worked! Thank you for sharing. Janet