Tuesday, 3 November 2015

In memory of Stanley

I had some sad news last weekend. My sisters dog, Stanley (who I have blogged about on more than a few occasions), had to be put to sleep after a short illness. He was seven. What started as a broken claw escalated and eventually even the vet didn't know what the problem was. It has made me very sad. He was my Gummy Bear, Cuddly Buddly, Flopsy Mopsy and many other names of endearment besides. He was the most wonderful, fun, challenging, goofy and loving dog I have ever known. I will miss his visits more than I can say.


Seth said...

So sorry to hear about Stanley. I remember when you posted that drawing and how well it seems to capture his spirit. Sending hugs!

Gillian McMurray said...

Thanks Seth. That means a lot. He certainly played a big part in all our lives.