Sunday, 18 February 2018

Bird painted wooden beads

With spring being just around the corner the garden is full of birds, both big and small. Time to paint some new beads with some of the stars of the garden bird parade that happens every day.

The blackbirds come in tribes these days. With it being a cold winter these birds, who are usually wary of other blackbirds in their territory, become much more tolerant. In hard winters I have counted as many as nine blackbirds in the garden at once.

Hand painted wooden bead with blackbird.

 The blue tits are nearly always in the garden. Such colourful little birds and always a pleasure to watch.

Hand painted wooden bead with blue tit.

 The greenfinches have been fewer in number for a few years. Ravaged by a bird related virus, there are only two or three that visit now.

Hand painted wooden bead with greenfinch.

And many people's favourite, the robin. There are a few robins in the garden at the moment, this being mating season for some robins.

Hand painted wooden bead with robin.

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